The Essence of the 10th

The 10th Mountain Division Realism Unit [EU] is composed of members that have years of experience in the Arma series, and whom are constantly striving to achieve higher levels of fun and realism in their operations.

We are a unit made up of (old and new) friends that play a wide variety of games together besides Arma 3 such as; Rainbow Six Siege/Squad/Insurgency as well as D&D.
Arma 3 naturally is our main game, with all members being highly interested in realistic and entertaining operations.

The Basics

The 10th MD was founded to explore Arma Realism/MilSim at its full potential, using assets that provide players with complex operations with realism and fun at its core. Although our focus is on light-infantry combat, we try to bring as much support as possible in a campaign to show off the US Army’s arsenal.

Our main focus is to provide a community, and offer an environment that goes beyond just MilSim.

Our Operations

Our missions are predominantly PvE missions in a modern setting with a strong focus on light infantry, created and operated by our Zeuses. They are designed with a purpose and backstory in order to provide an experience which is based less on singular missions, but more on a deployment level where progression and failure is a factor.

We host weekly missions on Fridays and Sundays, at 9PM CET and 8 PM CET respectively.


The 10thMD provides all players with a structured training program, it is required that all new members pass this training program.
BCT will focus on simple things such as weapons handling, fire-team movement, and basic medical knowledge.
AIT focuses on individual and more advanced parts compared to BCT.

In-Game Footage