Officers and Senior NCO’s

Commanding Officer
S1 Section Chief
S3 Section Chief
S4 Section Chief


When the 10th was created, back in 2017, he started off as XO and was put in charge of the entire unit when the original CO left.
Oversees the administrative side of things as well as in charge of Operation Development and Campaign Creation.

Rotary Section Chief
Fixed Wing Section Chief
S7 Staff Section Member


Joined in November 2019 and after a long time in the unit climbed the ranks to Company Sergeant.Following his replacement in that position, has become the Section chief of both the Rotary and Fixed Wing departments as well as being a veteran combat leader.



Archer 1, Platoon Sergeant
S7 Staff Section Chief


Joined in September 2019 and worked his way through the ranks to the top. After spending a long time as a Squad-Leader, he was chosen to fill the a renewed Platoon Sergeant position. A fine NCO and community leader, his position within Platoon HQ has been focused on improving operational quality and membership happiness.

Enlisted Personnel

PV1. Infroz

RCT. L.Mynde

RCT. L.Mynde

Retired Personnel

1LT. Legion

1LT. Sang

1LT. Slayer

1SG. B.Wayne

MSG. Flipped

SSG. Soda

SSG. MrWriters

SGT. Allan

SGT. Nine

SGT. Pride

SGT. Dia

SGT. C.Stevens

SGT. Lennard

SGT. Ferdinand

SGT. Venom

CPL. Jaeger

SPC. Ex-Dew

SPC. Aldridge

SPC. Paranoid

SPC. ChuckRambo

SPC. Jackhiy

SPC. Fluit

SPC. Hitokiri

SPC. SquishyRob

SPC. Andersen

SPC. StormKing

SPC. Elm

SPC. Smith

SPC. Beckner

SPC. Metric

SPC. Page

SPC. Ross

SPC. Loomis

SPC. Total

SPC. Total

PFC. Nessa

PFC. Yuuki

PFC Chippy

PFC. AimEagle

PFC. Mikyjax

PFC. Fetzen

PFC. Mister_Bisto

PFC. Era

PFC. Trigo

PFC. Yssing

PFC. Stimpel

PFC. Melon

PFC. Walker

PFC. Topfun

PFC. YeyeBonga

PV2. Momoin

PV2.  Larry

PV2. Sarah

PV2. Paladyn

PV2. Lycan

PV2.  Prokop

PV2. ZeTurtell

PV2. Shedi

PV2. Jarppi

PV2. Fiction

PV2. Cavoo

PV2. Goosy

PV2. Ellouanne

PV2. Tamakun

PV1.  Johnny Bravo

PV1.  D.Anderson

PV1.  Prometheus

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