Officers and Senior NCO

CPT. T.Holtkamp

Commanding Officer
S3/S4 Section Lead

When the 10th was created, he started off as XO and currently leads the entire unit.
Oversees the administrative side of things as well as in charge of Operation Development and Campaign Creation

1LT. Legion

Executive Officer
S7/S9 Section Lead

Joined in August 2017 and has been spending a considerable amount of time and effort into shaping this unit.
Mostly functions as Platoon Leader as well as leading the Training and Public Affairs Sections

NCO Corps


Senior Squad Leader

SGT. StormKing

S3 Operations Section Member
S7 Training Section Instructor
Team Leader

SGT. Hitokiri

MEPS Section Recruiter
S7 Training Section Instructor
Senior Team Leader

SGT. B. Wayne

S1 Personnel Section Leader
S7 Training Section Instructor
Team Leader

CPL. N|ne

Senior Team Leader

CPL. Allan

Medical Staff Leader
Platoon Medic
S4 Logistics Section Member

CPL. Piekartz

Senior Team Leader
S4 Logistics Section Member

CPL. ChuckRambo

S3 Operations Section Member
S4 Logistics Section Member
Team Leader

CPL. SquishyRob

S3 Operations Section Member
S4 Logistics Section Member
Team Leader
“Honestly, this is the best bunch of mates I’ve ever gamed with”
CPT. Holtkamp
“This group has the perfect balance between realism, fun and friendship.”
1LT. Legion
“Best unit I’ve been in for teamwork, everyone here is a true battle brother.”
SFC. Flipped
”A good mix of young and old, everybody’s dedicated and loves playing Arma and we love to joke a lot”
CPL. Allan
“Awesome bunch of people, serious when needed while having lots of fun. Lots of experience around!”
CPL. Piekartz
”This unit creates the perfect balance between fun, immersion and realism. It’s great to be a part of.”
CPL. Pedersen
”A well run, Arma milsim group, with consistent bi-weekly missions. Everyone is encouraged to play a role in the Units’ Development. ”
”Joined looking for a group to play some Arma at a relaxed level and also ended up with a ton of real life friends. The missions are immersive, detailed, tough and fun but the barbecues are even better.”
SGT. Hitokiri

Enlisted Personnel

SPC. Ex-Dew

SPC. Garzog

SPC. NinnnJaaaH

SPC. Bradshaw

SPC. Fluit

SPC. Zboss

PFC. Sebski

SPC. Jackhiy

PFC. BlitzerNL

PFC. Diasena

PFC. AimEagle

PFC. Elm

PFC. Soda

PV2. TheGatz

PV2. Apache

PV2. Aldridge97

PV2. Sarah

PV2. Graham

PV2. Jaeger

PV2. Beckner

PV2. Sang

PV2. Lennard

PV2. Fetzen

PV2. Paranoid

PV1. YairW

PV1. S.Sanchez

PV1. S. Johannessen

PV1. DirkaDirk

PV1. CookieMonster

PV1. S.Miller

PV1. Yssing

PV1. Elkku

PV1. A. Metric

RCT. MonkeyMadness

RCT. Nimbus

RCT.  JolyneWeebo

RCT.  E. Ledesma

RCT.  S. Archer

Reserve Personnel

CPL. Pedersen

PV2. Pepper

PV2. Woods

Retired Personnel

CPT. Meyer

SFC. Flipped

CPL. Miles Long

PV1. ShekelDealer

SPC. SideShow

PV2. Brady

RCT. A. Olsen

RCT. FarCry

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