Officers and Senior NCO

CPT. T.Holtkamp

Commanding Officer
S3 Section Chief
S4 Section Chief

When the 10th was created, back in 2017, he started off as XO and was put in charge of the entire unit when the original CO left.
Oversees the administrative side of things as well as in charge of Operation Development and Campaign Creation.

1LT. Sang

Executive Officer
S7 Section Chief
S9 Section Chief

Joined in September 2018 and has spent a lot of time working in the various Staff Sections of this unit. Usually functions as a Combat Leader, and is heavily involved in the internal mechanisms of this unit.

2LT. Slayer

Archer 1, Platoon Leader
S1 Section Chief

Joined in February 2019 and has worked his way through the ranks to the top. After initially spending a while as another grunt, he developed into one of of the main Combat Leaders within the unit. Slowly climbing the Chain of Command, become an NCO and eventually made it to a Squad Leadership position before taking over the Platoon.

MSG. Flipped

Archer 1, Platoon Sergeant

Joined in 2017, and has since played an essential part in the development of the unit. Ever since 2018, he has been involved in Operation Planning and Administration at a platoon level.

NCO Corps

SSG. Miller

Squad Leader, 3rd Squad
S1 Staff Section Member
S7 Staff Section Member

SSG.  J.Yssing

Squad Leader, 2nd Squad
S1 Staff Section Member
S7 Staff Section Member

SSG. Ronzokeo

Squad Leader, 4th Squad
S1 Staff Section Member

SSG. MrWriters

Squad Leader, 1st Squad
S3 Staff Section Member

SGT. Beckner

Team Leader, 3rd Squad

SGT. Lennard

Team Leader, 1st Squad
S3 Staff Section Member
S4 Staff Section Member

SGT. PrinceofPersia

Team Leader, 3rd Squad
S7 Staff Section Member

CPL. Nimbus

Team Leader, 3rd Squad


CPL. Stevens

Team Leader, 2nd Squad
S3 Staff Section Member

CPL. Hornet

Team Leader, 1st Squad

CPL. Pride

Team Leader, 2nd Squad

Enlisted Personnel

SPC.  Andersen

SPC.  StormKing

SPC. G. Graham

SPC. Ex-Dew

SPC. Zboss

SPC. Diasena

SPC. S. Johannessen

SPC. Elm

SPC.  JHorn

SPC.  Smith

SPC. Arwin

SPC. Salt

SPC. Solaris

SPC. A. Metric

PFC. Chippy

PFC. Pacmud

PFC. Valkyrie

PFC. Nessa

PFC. Loomis

PFC. Matsoman

PFC. Yami

PFC. Venom

PV2. Rasp

PV2. Johnsen

PV2. Rhino

PV2. Simon

PV2. Paladyn

PV2. Ferdinand

PV2. Sebski

PV2. Soda

RCT. Harry

RCT. Yass

RCT. Becker

RCT. Ixa

RCT. Shade

RCT. Momoin

RCT. C.Philips

RCT. ZeTurtell

Reserve Personnel

SPC. ChuckRambo

SPC. Aldridge

SPC. Jackhiy

PV2. Lycan

Retired Personnel

1LT. Legion

1SG. B.Wayne

SGT. Allan

SGT. Nine

CPL. Jaeger

SPC. Paranoid

SPC. Jackhiy

SPC. Fluit

SPC. Hitokiri

SPC. SquishyRob

PFC. AimEagle

PFC. Mikyjax

PFC. Fetzen

PFC. Mister_Bisto

PV2.  Larry

PV2. Sarah

PV2.  Prokop

PV1.  Jammy

PV1. ShekelDealer

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