Effective 27DEC19 the following billets are open:

Additional Duty, S-1 Personnel

Recruiting and MEPS Team
Handling of recruit applications, getting recruits the information they need to in-process (TS, discord, etc.), and tracking and archiving of applications.
Conducting recruitment activities, such as making forum posts on third-party sites, or disseminating recruitment content to potential new recruits.
Working in conjunction with S-9 Public Affairs to publish and disseminate media content.

Personnel Management and Administration Team
Manage user ranks and permissions on Teamspeak, Discord, and the forums
Conduct monthly roster audits for promotions and activity
Generate promotions, awards, and discharges for members[/i]

*This is a great opportunity for long-time PFC/E-3s to move up to SPC/E-4!*

Applicants must be PFC/E-3 or higher
Applicants must schedule interview with S-1 Section Chief.

*Application is not a guarantee that you will be appointed to the position*

Applicants must forward their request to 1SG Wayne via PM (Steam, Discord, forum PM, etc).

We are seeking to fill two open positions within S-1 with an emphasis on the North American time-zones. We're in need of capable and dedicated members to assist with recruiting duties and personnel management. There is no timeline on this post, but will close once the positions have been filled.

These positions will remain open until they are filled with no expiration date.


B. Wayne
First Sergeant
Personnel & Administration NCOIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

B. Wayne
First Sergeant
Personnel & Administration NCOIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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