Campaigns and Missions

Ladies and gentlemen, we are reaching the end of the WW2 Campaign.
This week, the last 2 operations (taking place during the Battle of the Bulge) of our WW2 Campaign will be hosted.

This means that we will be going back to our regular ''modern'' operation next week.

Just to keep you informed; we will not immediately start a new campaign. We will have 3 weeks of operations that won't be linked to the next campaign. We will be performing operations on a ''weekly deployment'' basis.. so in the regular *modern* 10-MD setting but on various maps.
This will give each member some time to get back into a modern warfare mindset, and time to enjoy all the communication/NVG capabilities that modern ops offer.

After these weeks, we will start our *next* Campaign.. about which I can only say that it will be in the Middle-East... More information will become available in September.

The *Mod Collection* will be posted next week Monday (26th of August).
Once that collection becomes active, you're free to unsubscribe from the WW2 mods to clear space.

For those who have been here for the modern ops, the collection will be a lighter version of our Lingor Deployment Collection.

For any questions, please DM me.

Much love,
''Sang has a train running through his backdoor'' - Ex-Dew 14.02.2019

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