Lingor Deployment (Campaign Starting 03/05/2019)

It’s been 6 months since Task Force Knights’ Deployment to Saint Kapaulio, Chiapas.
Our deployment there was successful in restoring government control to the region, allowing Task Force Knight to be withdrawn from the region.

Now, 6 months later; 1-32IN has been assigned to ‘Task Force Taurus’. This Task Force has been specifically established to deal with the Lingor Islands.

During the initial NATO deployment to Chiapas, these island were bypassed due to the islands being considered ‘’lost’’ and deemed irrecoverable. Instead, NATO focused on going into the contested regions and to help the government lock-down these vital areas.

Lingor was taken over by rebel forces in the spring of 2017, with the rebel forces gaining full control of the region. The rebel alliance that fought the government in Lingor, quickly fell apart due to infighting. After 2 months of heavy fighting, the FLL (Fuerzas de Liberación de Lingor) came out as the victor.
Not long after the FLL’s victory, the group started work on a ‘’pseudo-state’’ that could surpass … the government.

Over these past 2 years, the FLL has been successful at holding onto their own ‘’paradise’’.
Although they have not been internationally recognized (how surprising), they have been able to successfully complete various arms shipments with countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. These weapon shipments included: P-700 Anti Ship Missiles, BMP-3s, and large quantities of ‘’support equipment’’.

Now, nearly a year after NATO’s initial intervention, USSOUTHCOM has decided it has become time to stamp-out the strong rebel presence in the Lingor Region. The reasoning behind this is simple, the Lingor Islands control the majority of the Chiapan Coastline.
This coastline has seen an increasing number of attacks that are launched from Lingor, and it has started endangering NATO Naval Forces stationed of Chiapas.

Once Lingor is secured, NATO and the Chiapan Government expect to fully secure the coastal areas with relative ease.

Prepare yourselves, we are going into a region that is pro-FLL and has a surplus of arms.
Once we defeat the FLL and its pseudo-state, we can expect a lengthy insurgency that needs to be defeated. Expect no friendly welcome, and suspect everyone that you encounter.

1-32IN is being sent in as part of Joint Task Force Taurus, made up of the USMC/US Navy/US Army.
JTF Taurus consists of 1-32IN, 22 MEU, Elements of 3-7SFG and 4 NSWU; supported by the 4th Fleet.
Our main objective is to liberate the Lingor islands from the FLL, and to assist the Chiapan Government in restoring law & order on the islands.
In the initial phases of our deployment, our support assets and backup forces will primarily be made up of Marines. Whereas later, the Chiapan Security Forces will come ashore to take over stabilization efforts.

USSOUTHCOM anticipates that the FLL will start of defending their positions according to conventional warfare tactics and strategy, although their inferior quality and quantity in equipment will quickly force them to turn to guerrilla style warfare.

Enemy Forces
Fuerzas de Liberación de Lingor (FLL)

The FLL is the sole power broker on Lingor, having battled both the Government and other Militias for control. They have been in control of Lingor for over 2 years, allowing them to build-up an impressive pseudo-state. The FLL maintains its own Police Force, its own ‘’Armed Forces’’ (Little more than paramilitary forces), as well various Services (Fire Dep, Healthcare, Education, etc.)

Equipment wise, the main source of their vast arsenal has been the Chiapan Army. The Army was pushed out of Lingor through a series of massive defeats that allowed the FLL to take control over various Army Depots that the Army maintained on Lingor.

The FLL’s Armed Forces;
  • A full-time paramilitary force. Consisting of 15 ‘’battalions’’ that are armed with more modern gear/weapons. 3 of these battalions are mechanized, and are equipped with a large number of M113s/BMP1s/BMP3s as well as 40+ T-55s. This force is the best equipped, and most experienced combat force the FLL can muster. This force also operates SAMs, ASMs, AAA Batteries around the island.
  • A part-time Militia. Exact number of militia members unknown, estimates range from 2,000 to 10,000. This force is equipped primarily with Soviet-Era gear with some NATO weaponry thrown in. Training levels are minimal, and as such these forces are meant to harass and raid.
    Exclusively light-infantry, with some technicals for patrol duties.
  • An Air-Force, a very small token airforce that operates 5 Mi-8s, 3 L-39s that the FLL captured from the government. They have few spare parts, or experienced pilots, and are not expected to be able to assist the FLL in its defence.

For INTEL pictures on the FLL, look here:
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