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Hello guys,

As most of you have probably heard for a while now, we're aiming to set up a fixed roster. This means that every future Team/Squad leader has a number of guys under their command, during operations, but also for training.
We are aware that some of you guys have an interest in becoming an NCO, and by that extend are in charge of maintaining a high-level standard for their team.

Therefore, with this thread, we would like to find out who is able, and willing, to function as a combat lead. Please leave your answer as a comment on this post.

Requirements & Expectations:
  • Consistently be able to join operations, with a focus on Sundays (Main Ops)
  • Perform a Fire team training exercise (FTX) at least once a month. Squad Exercises also count to the minimum.
  • Willingness to participate in forum discussions in regards to discussing future plans of the unit.
  • The ability to attend an NCO Meeting once a month to recap on the progress and goals for the next month.
  • Being aware of having a exemplary role within the unit and a professional stance towards the unit is required.
  • Function as a point of contact for your team regarding unit related matters.

Disclaimer: Replying to this thread and showing your interest in becoming an NCO in the future, does not guarantee you this position. We're simply gathering information regarding the interest of our members on which we can build upon in the near future.

Re: NCO Positions

I would like to express my interest in this. I believe with more time in grade and future team leading experience I would be a great asset the NCO group. This unit has done so much for me. I would love for the opportunity to return that favor.
2LT J. Sang

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Re: NCO Positions

I am expressing interest in this opportunity as i believe i can offer a great deal to the nco team including a wide variety of flexibility and adaptability alongside tactical thinking to the table

Re: NCO Positions

I would be interested in being a team leader for supportive roles i have an excess amount of time to help out with stuff and i find it enjoyable

Re: NCO Positions

I would like to express my interest. I believe that I have gathered enough experience in being a FTL and I would appreciate bringing these into the unit.

(As soon as my rank allows me to)

Re: NCO Positions

Being finally back from my LOA, here is another candidate for an NCO position. Since i´m here for a while now i guess you know what i can bring to the table.

Re: NCO Positions

I am interested in teamleading and seeing i am already somtimes used for leading the 1-4 team, i would like some training for this. Besides this i would also like to experience the position with all of the training and knowledge to also improve my S3 duties in mission making and such.

Re: NCO Positions

Im Interested in Team leading, feel free to message me on steam or Discord if you need me.

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