Contents of Modpack #1

Mod pack: ... 1473913484

    • ACE + Optional Files
    • ACEX
    • ABBI 40mm Smoke Fix + RHS Compat
    • Advanced Towing
    • Advanced Sling Loading
    • Advanced Urban Rappelling
    • Advanced Weapon Mounting
    • Caribou Frontier
    • Colombian Armed Forces EJC
    • Enhanced Movement
    • Extended Fortificiations Mod
    • Cougar 4x4 MRAP
    • Grad Trenches
    • Isola Di Capraia
    • Kulima
    • NIARMS Core
    • NIARMS G3
    • HLC/NIARMS P226
    • Immerse
    • Fort Benning Training Map
    • Saaremaa
    • Military Gear Pack
    • Nato Map Markers+
    • M224 Mortar (60mm)
    • RDS Civillian Pack
    • Advanced Towing
    • Shack Tack UI (Radar only)
    • SWU Immersion Sound Pack
    • Uriki Mission Items
    • Quesh Kibrul

****Current Modpack****

Hello dear everyone!

The World War II campaign is over, which means we're switching back to modern day settings!
To make everyone's life a bit easier, we've condensed all of our secondary mods into a single steam-workshop pack.

This enables us to easily share mods with everyone, whilst still maintaining some form of version control on our side.
Besides that, excluding the optional mods, its only needed to load 11 core mods, instead of the 30+ of before.

Mod pack: ... 1473913484

Mods to load:

Of course the optional mods such as JSRS and Blastcore are still useable and you can add those to your list without a problem!

Re: Modern Modpack

Please ensure that you have the modpack (shown above) SUBSCRIBED on Workshop!!!!

This is currently the ONLY working version of the 10MD Mountain Mod Pack #1.

The Steam workshop collection and nextcloud collection have also been changed to accomodate this new mod. BUT this mod CAN't be DOWNLOADED through Nextcloud so make sure you have it from workshop!!!

When in doubt, please come online before tomorrow's operation to TEST your mods

If you encounter issues, please contact me asap

xxx Holtkamp
T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer, Operations OIC, Logistics OIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

''Sang has a train running through his backdoor'' - Ex-Dew 14.02.2019
''Captain Fantastic'' - Flipped 10.05.2020

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