** Closed Billet - Rotary Aviation Pilot (Closed 10/10/22)**


10th Mountain Division
1st Brigade Combat Team
32nd Infantry Regimen
***Open Billet: Rotary Aviation***

The Aviation section is on the search to bring another pilot into the force, and is announcing this invitation to application to all grunts above PV-2

As a Rotary Pilot, your tasks include:
1. Transporting infantry into and out of objective areas, sometimes under fire, and with challenging landing situations.
2. Providing Close Air Support, attacking ground targets in close proximity to friendly forces to assist in reliving pressure and allowing for more security on the ground.
3. Providing resupply via Sling Loaded crates to rearm the guys on the ground.
4. To provide Intel on enemy troop movements/threats and general tactical awareness.

The helicopters we fly include:
The AH-6 and MH-6 Little Bird.
The AH-64D Apache
The CH-47F Chinook
The UH-60M Blackhawk

and occasionally other factions will have their own helicopters, so be ready to learn some extra birds.

Do note that not every mission requires a helicopter, and you may not always be the one selected to fly. Pilots are chosen based on mission needs and pilot availability.

This role requires Patience, Adaptability, Dedication to learning complex aircraft/systems, Responsibility and Restraint, the platoon will be relying on you to perform as effectively as possible, to ensure the safety of the ground troops.

If you are interested in joining the flyboys and zipping around at tree top level while blasting fortunate son over the intercom (please dont..) then contact WO.1 Hornet to apply to the position, and I will schedule an interview with you.

Best of luck to all applicants, and I look forward to hearing from you!



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