Aegean Sea Campaign

Background Story
This campaign takes place in a heavily fictionalized Middle-Eastern / Mediterranean conflict. It draws inspiration from Real-Life, but shouldn't be taken too seriously in terms of lore. In short, it's a alternate line of events, taking place in 2024.

The Middle-Eastern Security Organisation, or MESO, is a coalition of states aligned with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Namely; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq itself.
Forming this military coalition in 2023, Iran's sphere of influence spread rapidly throughout the middle-east, eventually leading to it swallowing up many parts of neighboring countries whilst NATO was busy focusing on curbing the Russian invasion of Ukraine that continued well into 2024.

Able to expand its armed forces, with renewed income from Oil Exports and Weapon Shipments, the MESO subsequently set its eyes on Turkey.
Being the main NATO partner in the Middle-East with very different interests than MESO itself, Turkey stood relatively alone in the region.
Israel's focus now lied elsewhere as Iran had, as a ruse, deactivated its nuclear weapons development, and as such had shifted its focus on defending its own immediate borders.

Turkey, already unstable due to increasing opposition to Erdogan's regime, suffered greatly by unrest likely fueled by MESO.
Violent events suspiciously coincided that turned the civil unrest into full-blown civil war and subsequent military coup.
With the AKP dismantled, banished and destroyed, Turkey was taken over by a Military Junta that achieved little.
Even though the Military claimed their actions were for the people, it was obvious that the coup was performed to save their own skin.
The civil war continued, albeit slowly turning in the favour of radical parties opposed to the Military. Intelligence nowadays is quite certain it is because MESO was funding the rebels.

Whilst this now embattled and ''failed state'' that is Turkey was no longer the ''perfect partner'' for NATO, MESO started putting diplomatic pressure on Turkey to accept MESO assistance in regaining control of the nation. Following continued losses, the military accepted. A swift MESO intervention was launched, which instead of assisting the Turkish military actually ended up overthrowing the Turkish government all-together. A puppet regime was installed, Turkey pulled out of NATO and joined MESO with suspicious swiftness.
MESO, not caring much about the Turkish population, focused on quelling any uprising with brute force. This, in turn, created huge numbers of refugees attempting to reach the European mainland.

Now most definitely a direct threat to NATO, MESO was clearly positioning itself to become the only power-broker in the Mediterranean region.
With the Hellenic Republic at the ''front'' with MESO, NATO missions were set-up to move NATO personnel to the Hellenic Republic as well as the Balkans to shore up NATO presence there.
The US contribution to NATO's presence in the area was named ''Operation Spartan Presence'' and includes the 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division deployed to islands directly in the Aegean sea.

The mission concerned itself with training Hellenic forces and conducting security patrols to assist the Hellenic Security Forces in guarding the sea as well as keep a look-out for suspicious MESO activity.

In the recent months, MESO forces have frequently breached the Hellenic Republic's borders with both Air and Naval assets, seemingly conducting probes on the defensive presence in the area.
This practically became a daily routine, with US forces present on the islands of Altis, Stratis and Malden becoming used to the constant combat alerts leading up to nothing.

However, on September 5th 2024, the standard morning combat alarm was followed by the sounds of distant explosions and gunfire.
It seems, MESO has decided on the course of action.


NATO Forces deployed to the Aegean Sea:

  • 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team. [1AD]
  • 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team. [4ID]
  • 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team. [10MD]
Hellenic Armed Forces (HAF)
  • 21st Armored Brigade.
  • 41st Infantry Brigade.
  • 27th Infantry Brigade.
  • 177th Coastal Defense Brigade.

NATO Air Force elements in the area.

  • 301st Fighter Squadron
  • 112th Fighter Squadron
  • 25th Fighter Squadron

Hellenic Air Force
  • 2nd Fighter Wing
  • 37th Naval Squadron

1-32IN, as part of the 1st IBCT has been deployed on Altis, Malden and Stratis to serve as a Security & Assistance Force.
The 1st IBCT is operating alongside HAF elements as well as elements of the US' 1ABCT and 1SBCT, with which it is supposed to cooperate to deter any MESO military movement.
As it seems the war is now on, the US forces present on these ''forward island'' must prevent the MESO invaders from gaining a foothold for long enough to allow NATO forces to properly reinforce the area.

Enemy Forces:
In the Aegean Area of Operations, G-2 has identified the presence of elements of the following Divisions:

MESO Ground Force
  • 6th Infantry Division: A Mechanized Force equipped with BTR-Ks, MSE-3s and T-100s that was heavily involved in the Turkish intervention.
  • 27th Parachute Brigade: An Airborne unit equipped with light vehicles. Well-trained and experienced.
  • 2nd Air Assault Brigade: An Air Assault unit equipped with lightly armoured vehicles and helicopters. Well-trained and experienced.

MESO Air Force
  • 27th Fighter Regiment: Equipped with Mig-29s.
  • 12th Bomber Regiment: Equipped with upgraded Yak-130 CAS Aircraft.
  • 311st Helicopter Regiment: Equipped with Mi-48 and Ka-97 Attack Helicopters.
  • 50th Helicopter Transport Battalion: Equipped with Po-30s and Mi-290s.
  • 22nd Transport Squadron: Equipped with various Turboprop Transport Aircraft.
  • 400th Special Tasks Group: Equipped with various UCAVs and UAVs.

  • 401st Special Tasks Group: Equipped with armed Naval Drones.
  • 7th Amphibious Group: Equipped with amphibious assault vessels.
  • Special Marine Grouping 7: Naval Commandos specialized in infiltration & sabotage..

MESO Special Operation Forces
  • 7th Takavar Brigade: Specialized in airborne infiltration & commando operations.

Intelligence pictures on various MESO Forces that operated in Turkey;

These forces are a mix of mechanized and light infantry forces. Most of these units have previously fought in Turkey, and can be considered ''veteran''. They use modern MESO equipment, and should be considered a significant threat to our operations. They are used to fighting a highly mobile and offensive war, backed by significant fire-support. What they have in terms of equipment, they lack in local knowledge and support from the local population.


Prepare yourselves gentlemen, we will be fighting in open terrain with rolling hills & a limited amount of covered roads. Combining these fields with sporadic dense forests, our experience as light infantry will be paramount to our operations. We are here to assist the local forces and civilians, so keep in mind to treat the local population with kindness. Whereas the MESO may lack the amount of intelligence assets NATO has, their vast amount of equipment will be serious danger to us and we should prepare ourselves for a bloody conflict.

I hope to see you on the field.

Captain T. Holtkamp
T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer, Operations OIC, Logistics OIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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