Nickname/Username: Displacedcobra1
Age: 19
Country/Time Zone: Finland
Link to your Steam profile:

Introduction/Tell us about yourself: Hi! My name is Max, and ive been a fan for milsim units for a long time. For many years ive wanted to join a milsim unit inside arma, for the most realistic experience. IRL im very interested about joining the army, infact ive sent an application for the Special forces in finland (not sure what they are excatly in english lol) But yeah, the interest for the army and high leveled tactics are really big for me. Even though i dont have hundreds of hours in arma, i pretty much know the basics of how milsim unit rules run etc. Communication, spotting and such shouldnt be a problem for me.
Relevant [MILSIM] Experience: A couple years ago i was appart in a milsim unit for battlefield 4. We had about 60-80 people inside the unit, where everyone took it pretty seriously. I worked my way to Corporal, and i even got to hold a couple of bcts before leaving. Leaving was my own choise due to IRL issues, not issues with the unit itself. It might be that im a little bit rusty, but im a fast learner, and when i find something enjoyable, ill put 100% of my effort into it.

How did you hear about us: Google
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations/b]: YES

Re: application

Interview completed. Accepted as a recruit. Name changed to Cobra.

Just as a reminder the recruit period lasts for a month from date of application, BCT must be taken within this time frame. Keep Checking the #Misc_Attendance on discord for the next BCT. As well as review the #Friday_attendance and #Sunday_attendance for operation information.

SSG Miller.
Staff Sergeant
3rd Squad, 1st Platoon
A CO, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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