Haruna Kimino

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Nickname/Username: Haruna Kimino (Haruna/Haru)
Age: 22
Country/Time Zone: Thailand/GMT +7
Link to your Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HarunaKimino

Introduction/Tell us about yourself: Hello, I'm Haruna Kimino. You can just call me Haruna or Haru. I'm from the land of smile(?), Thailand. As you see in my name I kinda like Anime I played a lot of VRChat. until now I felt like I got bored for that game. So I tried to looks for Arma 3 Community. Overseas one to be specifics I wanna have an new experiences played Arma with Overseas community and I saw yours really interesting. I hoping that I'm gonna have a chance to play with you guys one day
Relevant [MILSIM] Experience: I used to be in the Thai Millsim community for a long time. But recently players count started to drop rapidly. But in that server I used to play a lot of role in that community. Also currently I'm in the RTA (Royal Thai Army) right now. But I'm going to finished my service in this 1st July

How did you hear about us: In Google
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations/b]: Y/N Yes, I do

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