** Open Billet - Cavalry Crew **

Effective 9th July 2021 the following billet is open:

The Cavalry department are looking for new crew members for their armored operations.

You will be trained in operating the M1128 Stryker, the M3A3 Bradley, and the M1A2 Sepv2 Abrams in operations, as well as other supporting vehicles in operations.

Your job involves infantry transport, Mechanized warfare, and Anti-Tank/Anti Structure warfare with firepower being the name of the game.
You will work closely with other crew members to efficiently and effectively control and wield armored support assets during our operations, and most of all **Support the infantry**

If you are interested in joining this section, and are capable of what is being requested, Contact Nimbus and an interview will be scheduled for application.


First Sergeant J. Hornet
Company First Sergeant
Archer Company, 1/32 IN
10th Mountain Division [EU]

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