** Open Billet - JTAC **

Effective 30th April 2021 the following billet is open:

The Aviation Departments Fixed Wing Section are looking for 3 new JTAC-Trained members to assist in Air to Ground Support within our operations.

A JTAC or Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Is the connection between the ground force and any supporting aircraft element. They are the person responsible for:
1. Calling in an Airstrike.
2. Relaying intelligence from the Pilots to the Platoon Leader.
3. Identifying Anti-Air Threats.
4. Relaying information and intent from the PL to the Pilots.

You will be trained in subjects such as:
Ordinance types and capabilities that may be carried by Fixed Wing aircrafts (A-10C, F-16C/D, F-15E).
Target identification and locating (Map/Grid/Terrain/Landmarks).
Strict radio discipline and procedures.
Artillery Call-ins.

If you are interested in joining this section, and are capable of what is being requested, Contact 1SG J.Hornet and an interview will be scheduled for application.


First Sergeant J. Hornet
Company First Sergeant
Archer Company, 1/32 IN
10th Mountain Division [EU]

Oderint dum metuant.


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