Soturi's application

Nickname/Username: Soturi
Age: 27
Country/Time Zone: Finland CEST +1
Link to your Steam profile:

Introduction/Tell us about yourself: Im a Finnish 27 yrs old male. I have always been intrested in guns and military, but unfortunately when I was serving my time in the army, my squad stabbed me in the back and I didnt get to officer training. I used to play mmorpg's, but now that the genre is pretty much dead im looking something else to do with my time. Some of my hobbies are restoring old cars, blacksmithing and winemaking/moonshining.
Relevant [MILSIM] Experience: I dont have much of an experience in milsim's, But in real life I served in Finnish border troops.

How did you hear about us: Saw Salty's post in steam.
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations/b]: Y

Re: Soturi's application

Interview completed. Accepted as a recruit.

Just as a reminder the recruit period lasts for a month from date of application, BCT must be taken within this time frame. Keep Checking the #bct-ait attendance on discord for the next BCT. As well as review the #Friday_attendance and #Sunday_attendance for operation information.

SGT ThePrinceOfPersia

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