***OPEN BILLET'S*** 03 September 2020

Effective 03 September 2020 the following billets are open:

Dear Members,

It has been a while since we've had a public ''search'' for those of you that are interested in doing something different than being a grunt.
Now, with the unit growing..and some more experienced members taking hiatuses.. the need to look among the enlisted ranks has grown.
Below, you will find a possibilities that can be looked into as long as you have the time and rank (at least PV1) required.

Aviation Personnel

Although we don't use them often.. they do exist.. Pilots & Helicopter Crew!
Our ''Aviation Force'' is limited to Helicopters, and are mostly used for transportation and resupply missions and on the rare occasion we also do some CAS Missions during the limited air-assault operations we perform.
As the pilots are going to be used more and more in the coming months, we are interested in filling up the ranks with ''trainee pilots'' & "flight crew"
Important notice; Our ''Aviation Force'' flies with either the Basic Flight Model or the Advanced Flight Model. Furthermore, we don't often use the pilots and more importantly : Fixed-Wing will not be added to this force at any time.
Still interested in the possibility of flying Blackhawks/Chinooks ? Contact CW2 Miller for more information!

Combat Medics
The medic is central in our unit, currently we run about 2/3 medics every op.
Our medics are trained extensively before getting their Combat Life Saver certification, since our lives depend on their expertise.
Do you enjoy hanging back a bit and helping your buddies, whilst also being exposed to fire during medical procedures..?
Well.. if you are... Contact SSG Soda or SGT Salty

Mission Developers and Zeus Personnel.

The lifeblood of our unit, the people who design our operations and are responsible for our fun.
This staff section is always looking for interested members, as fresh blood is usually beneficial to our operations.
If you are interested in doing SF-type operations.. I am sorry, but we run ''regular combat operations'' almost exclusively, and that won't change.
Now, if you are interested in knowing more about the job.. and what we allow/offer. (Rank Limitation of PV1). Contact CPT T.Holtkamp for more information!

Content Creators/Twitch Streamers
We are always looking for new people to help us create new interesting visual content for the 10th.
This content is to be used for future recruiting purposes, in-house projects, and simple gaming-footage
Want to know more? Anyone with video editing & streaming skills are most welcome. Contact CPT T.Holtkamp for more information!

Also as a side note, If anyone has any experience with WordPress, Server Hosting, Server Management of any kind please Contact CPT T.Holtkamp for more information!

This is the list we have at this point, if you have any other questions about roles/possibilities; 1LT Slayer & SFC J.Hornet are here to take care of you.


Captain T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer
Alpha Company, 1/32 INF
10th Mountain Division [EU]

"I'm Second In Command I Can Do What I Want" -Sang 20.03.2019

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