1. General Information Section

  1. Username: Kaish
  2. Age: 14
  3. Country of Origin: Bosnia
  4. Link to your Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sgtkaish/
  5. I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules & Regulations (Y/N): Y

2. Extra Information Section

  1. Tell us something about yourself: Hello,
    I am Nebojša Kaišarević. A 14 y/o teen from Bosnia. I started playing ArmA a year ago, in a cracked ArmA 2 unit called Vukovi(Wolfs), after that, I started playing ArmA 3. In the last few months, I've decided to learn more about military tactics and Military doctrine itself. I've read multiple un-classified documents from US Army/Marine Corps'. I am currently reading Sun Tzu's "The Art of War". I am different from anyone in my school, since I am not the type of child that is looking to watch porn 24/7 and listen to "rep"(
    I always wanted to learn something new, and I read my first book at the age of 6. In the last 2 years I decided to learn how to code, and I am now familiar with 7 Programming languages(C#, C++, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL and QBASIC). I was a Developer in a game called SCP-R and I am currently starting to work on a game called Kosovo Diaries.
  2. In what way would you be able (or willing) to help the unit?: Well, I can help out with any type of ArmA mod development and development itself and with Graphics Design. Besides my IT skills, I am a excellent spokesman, so I can help with the Public Affairs of the unit.

3. Arma 3 History Section

  1. Do you have any MILSIM experience - If so, which units?: Vukovi(ArmA 2), 22MEU, TFV, Jedinica, Četa(ArmA 2)
  2. Which combat roles did you occupy?: Vukovi: NCO, Medic
    22MEU: Automatic Rifleman, qualified Medic and AT operator.
    TFV: Rifleman
    Jedinica: Rifleman
    Četa: Officer, Engener

4. Optional Information Section

  1. How did you hear about the 10-MD?: Youtube
  2. Do you have any real life military experience - If so, what kind?: No
  3. Do you have any other skills that may be useful - If so, which?: Stated above.

Console.WriteLine("You didn't need this my friend");

Re: Kaish

Interview completed. Accepted as a recruit.

Just as a reminder the recruit period lasts for a month from date of application, BCT must be taken within this time frame. Keep Checking the #Misc_Attendance on discord for the next BCT. As well as review the #Friday_attendance and #Sunday_attendance for operation information.

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