Feral Bear Campaign

As we have successfully completed Part 1 of our South-America campaign, there is time for a little intermezzo before we ship back to the Latin continent.
Specifically, we have until the end of January before we go back there; It is therefore my pleasure to announce the start of a mini-campaign based upon alternate history mixed with current events. This campaign will take place on the Rosche map, located in Northern Germany; where we will face the Commonwealth of Independent States (Economic/Military cooperation pact led by Russia)

You can already find the WARNO for our first op on the forums; viewtopic.php?f=142&t=468&p=1109#p1109
And below you will find the background story and intent of our campaign; For now: Wilkommen!

Beware; this is a more in-depth background story but it is not required to be read; just for those who want to read a lot.
Background Story
Remember, this is Alternate History

2014; Euromaidan starts in Ukraine. Receiving no diplomatic and moral support from abroad, the protests are violently ended. Ukraine and Russia blame NATO for financing a ''coup'' and vow to deter any EU Expansionism. Ukraine starts more actively seeking cooperation with Russia and requests formal entry into the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

2015; Ukraine becomes a full CIS member in February. Russian forces start deploying alongside the Ukrainian Army at NATO borders, a move widely condemned by NATO. At around the same time, Pro-Russian demonstrations start appearing in the Baltic; likely supported by Russia if not the CIS. These demonstrations turn violent quickly, with separatists demanding that the Baltic become part of Russia once more (referring to the Russian Empire, if not the Soviet Union).

2016; Separatist factions in the Baltic succeed in overthrowing the governments of Estonia and Latvia. Subsequently Estonia and Latvia become members of the CIS. Lithuania, with the support from Poland and Germany, manages to hold onto a military stalemate. In July, similar rebel forces appear in the Eastern provinces. West-European countries, already fearing a conflict with Russia are quick to claim neutrality; Saying it is a Polish matter.

2017; After a bloody conflict, the Lithuanian government agrees to a white-peace with separatist forces, effectively turning it into a puppet of the CIS.
Poland, after heavy fighting with the rebels; but lacking NATO support; loses control of the SE part of the country. Russian Army Forces are officially spotted operating near Warsaw, causing outrage in Europe; NATO finally starts sending troops to support Poland and start Airstrikes on rebel forces.

February : Poland loses Gdansk to rebel forces, seemingly operating from Kaliningrad. NATO forces push back the Rebels from Warsaw. Rebels officially appeal to Russia for aid. Western and Russian media reports that Russian soldiers were killed fighting NATO forces around Warsaw, both sides deny the claims.
Fighting continues, with the unofficial presence of Russian forces being reported weekly.

March; Russia declares, openly, that it has indeed been supporting the rebels in Poland. The reason they give is that they are there to protect Russian lives, causing the EU to send more military forces to Poland.

After a heavy battle for Lodz leaves thousands of soldiers from both the EU and the CIS dead, NATO formally declares that it is in open-conflict with Russia and the CIS.
The CIS receives diplomatic backing by China/North-Korea and India, causing the US to direct more forces towards Asia to show its determination.
Rebel and CIS forces win the Siege of Warsaw, destroying the city and shattering NATO forces assigned to defend Poland, the CIS forces continue with their advance west; towards Germany.

July ; Berlin is evacuated as CIS forces swarm through Eastern-Germany, towards Leipzig and Hamburg. EU ground forces are stretched thinly along the front-line ,as they lost large numbers in Poland, whilst they await further mobilization and US reinforcements.

August CIS offensive towards Leipzig still going strong, with CIS forces taking advantage of good infrastructure.
CIS offensive towards Hamburg slowly grinds to a halt near the crossroad-town of Uelzen; located between Hamburg and Hannover.
Reasons being lesser infrastructure and the presence of NATO forces on the (unsecured) Northern and Southern flanks.

December 2018; 1st IBCT-10-MD is deployed to the front between Lüneburg and Hannover; relieving a battered Dutch/German task force. 1/10th is augmented by the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team of 1st CAV to form Task Force Master.
Task Force Master; consisting of 22IN/32IN + 5th/8th CAV elements; has been assigned to halt the CIS advance directly East of Uelzen.
Initially holding a defensive perimeter on the ‘’Elbe-Seiten’’ Canal; TF Master is expected to push back the CIS forces along roads B71/B191/B493.

Uelzen may not fall; as that town’s connections will allow CIS troops to easily move forces around Hamburg and Hannover, threatening the entire Northern front.
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