Be on Time for Operations

Hello everyone.
As we are getting quicker and quicker in starting our operations and moving out, it is time to be harder on calling someone ''late'' and to set consequences for that person.

Below I will quickly explain what will be expected from you, going forward.

xx.40 is the time you *need* to be on TeamSpeak. The reason is simple: we start slotting in at this time and need our boyos to be there. Send the highest-ranking person online a message detailing you will be late and that it needs to be passed on to a TL!!

If you will only be able to arrive AFTER .50 ; you will be considered ''late'' and we can no longer guarantee that the role you are given that night will be one you enjoy.. This is just to make sure we can get the briefing and preparation done ASAP. ... VERY IMPORTANT: if you will arrive AFTER .50 !!! Urgently message the Zeus/PL of the evening (or someone that is present) !! PREFERABLY AHEAD OF TIME!!!

The mission STARTS (briefing) at xx.00 ; if you arrive AFTER the start.. especially when you have NOT made HQ AWARE of it.. there is a chance we will have to turn you away or assign you to a ''rookie'' spot..

**So simply: Be on Teamspeak at .40 and you are a good boy. Anything after .50 might run into position issues **

Now the big one: The server will be LOCKED from xx.15 (15 min after start) ; meaning you can't join Unless HQ has been made aware and APPROVED of you arriving late.

These new ''rules'' are effective immediately.

I hope that these measures will allow us to leave the base sooner, and properly prepared.. so we can get more shooty-shoot time.. the thing we all love (besided Coke)

Don Holtkamp
T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer, Operations OIC, Logistics OIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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