***CLOSED BILLETS*** 09-April-2020

Effective 18 April 2020 the following billet is now Closed:

Dear Members,

As some of you may have heard we are opening up the 1-4 Squad to be a permanent structure in our unit. And with that being said It has been a while since we've had the need to search for members to fill up a new Squad, especially one suited to something we have not had in the unit as a permanent feature.

Below, you will find the possibilities that can be looked into as long as you have the time and rank (at least PFC) required.

1-4 Weapons Squad Positions.

4-6 Available Slots
Requires PFC and Above
Must Show Interest And Passion For Learning
Strong Verbal & Written Skill

1-4 Weapon Squad Positions
Heavy Anti-Tank Crew
Machine Gun Crew
Sniper Team
Mortars Crew

Successful candidates will be required to participate in mandatory skill identifier courses to be fully qualified to use all weapon systems within a 1-4 team.

This is the list we have at this point, if you have any other questions about roles/possibilities; 2LT Slayer or SFC Flipped are here to take care of you.


Captain T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer
Alpha Company, 1/32 INF
10th Mountain Division [EU]

Second Lieutenant
1st Platoon, Platoon leader
A CO, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

"I'm Second In Command I Can Do What I Want" -Sang 20.03.2019

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