ACRE2 Radio Setup

Set up multiple ACRE2 radios

From the ARMA3 ingame menu we’ll find the ACRE2 key bindings.

Configure Addons > ACRE2 from the dropdown list
The bindings we’ll be changing are the first 4 from the list.
Remove binding for Default Radio Key (This key transmits on your Active radio)
Bind Alt Radio Key 1, 2 and 3 to the keys of your preference
Using the Alt Radio Keys removes the need to set active radios, this will make it so that the radio you pick up first will always be used with the key bound to Alt Radio Key 1, the second radio picked up will always be Alt Radio Key 2 and so on. This prevents having to switch between radios to use them all at the same time.

Sharing a radio

For TL’s in particular it can be useful to set your long range radio to “share” this way in case you go down or unconscious your second in command can use your radio quickly from your body and pass information to the chain of command.

ACRE2 Volume

IF you’re having issues with ACRE volume being too low. You can modify the settings by going into Configure>Addon Options
Select ACRE2 from the client dropdown list and modify your Pre and Post mix Global Volume to your preference.

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