Rules & Regulations

10th Mountain Division Rules & Regulations

Read this information carefully to avoid surprises. If in doubt, direct your questions to our S1 Section or our XO.

Application Requirements:
  • You will need a legal copy installed of the basic-game: ARMA 3 (APEX DLC is highly advised).
  • You will need Teamspeak-3.
  • You must have a proper working microphone. It is essential to our game play. You cannot participate without it.
  • You must be of minimum age 18. (Only required for application)
  • You participate in at least 2 operations a month, unless a LoA is granted.
  • You are willing to spend time and effort into making this unit last
  • You agree to these rules & regulations.
  • You agree to taking the BCT and AIT courses before you become a PFC

Company Regulations:
  • New applicants should not be part of other units. (Friend-groups are allowed naturally)
  • New Recruits are expected to attend training in our dedicated Basic Combat Training. All RCT's are expected to pass their BCT within 1 month of applying. Keep in
    touch with the S1& NCO on your progress and of other understandable obligations.
  • Only members can participate in our special training. We ask you to sign in on each weekly activity, to be able to keep optimum planning & programming.
  • We make our own missions, addons/mods, unit-tactics information. All effort is done on a voluntary & nonprofit basis, in personal available time. All members are
    welcome to learn & teach, and to build on new material to improve our fun in team- & game-play.
  • Use the information on the forums to keep to date to our specific game play and team-tactics. You are encouraged to give feedback, suggestions and reference
    material to improve on this information and our capability’s.
  • Involve S1 or NCO members when in trouble of any kind regarding our unit& members, our forums visitors or supporters of the unit. Report abuse.
  • We play as a team. enjoy & enforce our game-style. Respect & work with your fellow team-members and the chain of command whilst in the game and on the forums.
  • Behave mature & tolerant. All are expected to behave as a good example for our company towards members and public guests.

Forum rules:
  • The forum is our primary spot to keep you informed on our unit. Sign in to check it regularly and post & reply.
  • You are invited to use the forums to meet & greet your fellow members, share information & idea’s about the game, gather in constructive discussions. Be careful with personal information as always on the Internet.
  • Use the correct section for your information. Sections have restriction rights based on Section Rosters. Fe. use LOA (leave of absence) section to inform us of longer periods of absence.
  • Initiatives, discussions and foolishness is encouraged.
  • No hostility’s will be tolerated. Do not engage in illegal activity’s. Don’t spam. etc.
  • Posts will be moderated to needed extend and without warning, at the administrators insight.
  • Abuse can result in discharge and/or ban from the unit/ in-game/ forums.

If you don’t agree or meet on any of our rules & regulations, please do not send in your recruit application. With your recruit application, you agree that you will abide & comply to these rules & regulations.
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