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Dear applicants,

We are pleased that you are keen in joining our unit. Filling out this application and submitting it to us will confirm your interest in joining the ranks of Archer Company! Please review the application instructions below carefully before beginning an application. If you experience technical problems with the application or have any questions, please contact a recruiter.

Please review our Code of Conduct before proceeding: viewtopic.php?f=123&t=248

Application Requirements:
  • You will need a legal copy of ARMA3 (we also highly recommend you have the Apex DLC)
  • You will need TeamSpeak 3 and Discord
  • You must have a proper working microphone
  • You must be of minimum age 18. (Only required for application)
  • You are willing to spend time and effort into making this unit last
  • You agree to follow our rules and our Code of Conduct

    Application Template

    Copy the code below, then create your own post using your username as the title.

    Code: Select all

    [b][size=150]1. General Information Section[/size][/b]
    [*][b]Country of Origin:[/b] 
    [*][b]Link to your Steam profile:[/b] 
    [*][b]I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules & Regulations (Y/N):[/b] 
    [b][size=150]2. Extra Information Section[/size][/b]
    [*][b]Tell us something about yourself:[/b] 
    [*][b]In what way would you be able (or willing) to help the unit?:[/b] 
    [b][size=150]3. Arma 3 History Section[/size][/b]
    [*][b]Do you have any MILSIM experience - If so, which units?:[/b] 
    [*][b]Which combat roles did you occupy?:[/b] 
    [b][size=150]4. Optional Information Section[/size][/b]
    [*][b]How did you hear about the 10-MD?:[/b] 
    [*][b]Do you have any real life military experience - If so, what kind?:[/b] 
    [*][b]Do you have any other skills that may be useful - If so, which?:[/b] 
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