Recruit Stage

10th Mountain Division Recruit Stage

Once a person applies for the 10th MD, he or she will be given the rank of RCT.
From the moment the person is assigned as a RCT, he or she has to complete the BCT (Basic Combat Training) class offered to all members.
The trial period lasts for a maximum of 1 month, during which BCT classes will be offered to the recruits.

The main requirements for a RCT to become a 'full' member and be officially accepted into our unit are:
  • Activity on TeamSpeak aside from Operation Nights
  • Passing BCT
  • Good behaviour
Failure to meet these requirements will result in the termination of your trial period and your expulsion from this unit.
T. Holtkamp
Commanding Officer, Operations OIC, Logistics OIC
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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