Recruit Stage

10th Mountain Division Recruit Stage

Once a person applies for the 10th MD, he or she will be given the rank of RCT.
From the moment the person is assigned as a RCT, he or she has to complete the BCT (Basic Combat Training) class offered to all members.
The trial period lasts for a maximum of 1 month, during which BCT classes will be offered to the recruits.

The main requirements for a RCT to become a 'full' member and be officially accepted into our unit are:
  • Activity on TeamSpeak aside from Operation Nights
  • Passing BCT
  • Good behaviour
Failure to meet these requirements will result in the termination of your trial period and your expulsion from this unit.

''Sang has a train running through his backdoor'' - Ex-Dew 14.02.2019

T. Holtkamp
HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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