Kelvin Piña

Nickname/Username: Kelvin Piña
Age: 24
Country/Time Zone: CST
Link to your Steam profile:

(Introduction/Tell us about yourself): I am a pretty simple person I enjoy working and then gaming. I do computer work for a living so I have a lot of computer use under my belt and I'm pretty handy with one. I'm from Texas. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember. which is quite some time. I'm an avid fisher and hunter. I enjoy working on my truck and making new friends. ever since the beautiful days of halo 2 match making. I'm a very outdoors person but I also enjoy my PC time. and role playing has been a huge source of entertainment for me.

(Relevant [MILSIM] Experience): I've been part of MILSIM's since 2010 back In Arma 2 (I have over 240 hrs on it) I was part of a paratrooper regiment then from there part of multiple different regiments. Then from there we switch over to Arma 3 when it came out ( I have over 1,480 hrs on that game) and most of it has been dedicated to MILSIM's and Arma Life. I believe I have a ton of relevant experience when it comes to MILSIM's and I have really been wanting to jump on that horse again I believe with the time and experience I have on MILSIM's I could be a great addition to you unit for I have alot to bring to the table. And will definitely not disappoint.

How did you hear about us: With a simple google search
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations: (Y)/N

Re: Kelvin Piña

Interview completed, accepted as a recruit.

Just as a reminder the recruit period lasts for a month from date of application, BCT must be taken within this time frame. Keep Checking the #bct-ait attendance on discord for the next BCT. As well as review the #Friday_attendance and #Sunday_attendance for operation information.

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