Application - venetian

Nickname/Username: Venetian
Age: 28
Country/Time Zone:Hungary/CET
Link to your Steam profile:

Introduction/Tell us about yourself: Im 28 years old, a PhD student in cognitive psychology. Cycling, ttrpg, and gaming are my hobbies besides all the things i'd really like if i had time to. I have 1200+ hours in Arma, but lets be real, 200 of it is probably an idle launcher haha.
Relevant [MILSIM] Experience: I used to play coop missions with a 5-7 player group, kinda tried to take it serious with TFAR and ACE. Most of my time went into making missions for my group in eden editor. So no real milsim experience, only the wannabe kind.

How did you hear about us: I searched for a europe based milsim unit.
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations: Y

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