Rules during Operations

Dear members,

There are some basic rules that already exist within our unit, but I'd like to make it ''official'' and put them up word by word so that you may all read them.
The only difference now is that the rules will start being enforced, this has nothing to do with any previous behavior but more to do with the future growth of the unit.
These rules are meant for in-game behavior, on our own servers. (These are not the basic rules & regulations or the code of conduct that are already on the forums)

  • 1: Follow the orders of your team/squad/platoon leader at all times, no exceptions.
  • 2: No wasting of assets for your own pleasure or for any other reason.
  • 3: No fucking around before or after the mission unless explicit permission has been given. (Shooting/Frags/Smokes/etc)
  • 4: No lone-wolf/Rambo actions.
  • 5: No radio-spamming, keep the net clear for useful stuff.
  • 6: Don't pick up any equipment during the operation, unless you have received permission to do so.
  • 7: Do not team-kill.

These are some basic rules, more might be added when they are needed.
Although these rules are common sense, they will be strictly enforced.

Depending on the severity of your rule-breaking, you may either find yourself prevented from participating in the next operation or you might be prevented from having your favorite role for a number of missions. We are not going to reprimand you for every thing you might do wrong, but large violations or repetitive violations of the rules will result in punishment.
T. Holtkamp
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HHQ, 1-32 IN, 10 MD

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Re: Rules during Operations

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