Application - Cowboy

Nickname/Username: Cowboy
Age: 18
Country/Time Zone: Turkey/Instanbul UTC+3
Link to your Steam profile:

Introduction/Tell us about yourself: My name is Afonso, i'm from Portugal but i'm currently living in Turkey. I am 18 years old, love rap music, especially from the UK, football and gaming :).
Relevant [MILSIM] Experience: I don't have any, but watched many Arma 3 videos , bought the game and loved the mechanics and graphics.

How did you hear about us: I searched up Arma 3 units based in Portugal, but none of those seemed active. After that i searched up European based units, since i have a good level of English and I stumbled across this unit, which immediatly replied to my messages.
I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations: Yes

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