56 (yeah, old geezer

Country/Time Zone:
The Gambia, West Africa GMT+0

Link to your Steam profile:

Introduction/Tell us about yourself:
As I noted above, I'm an old geezer. Originally from London but lived in many places (especially a 14 year stint in the U.S). I now live in The Gambia, West Africa where I am among other things, the Head of Programmes at the largest TV station here. I'm also a pretty decent Dad.

Relevant [MILSIM] Experience:
I've been playing Arma since A2 and been in a few Milsim groups (as well as the odd casual squad). Most recently I was in the Praetorian Security Operations (War is Hell) group and we did a lot of story driven PSO campaigns. I was a permanent member of ARCHER with the unit and would command a squad as well. (here's one of our OP's (I'm in the red cap). Unfortunately, the group disbanded and then my PC died! I just got this new one last week and while I enjoy the freedom of playing on the 15th MEU & BMR public services, I miss the teamwork that comes with a decent unit.

How did you hear about us:
I was just searching through Steam and came across that extremely great recruitment video and your site.

I have read and agreed to the 10-MD Rules and Regulations:

Re: Monty

Interview completed. Accepted as a recruit.

Just as a reminder the recruit period lasts for a month from date of application, BCT must be taken within this time frame. Keep Checking the #Misc_Attendance on discord for the next BCT. As well as review the #Friday_attendance and #Sunday_attendance for operation information.

SPC Salt.

''I love me a good holocaut; 05/10/2019''

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